Simple Safety Precautions For Semi Permanent Makeup & Microblading

thetford semi permanent make up

Lets talk gloves…..

We all know gloves are important for protecting us and our clients during semi permanent makeup and microblading services, YES!?!?

BUT – are you choosing and using your gloves correctly?Donning and removing gloves before you start to microblade is simple right???? I like to teach my students how to put on and remove gloves.

Yes, it’s simple. But if you don’t know, you don’t know! – so I thought I would do a recap.

Removing & choosing gloves incorrectly can cause contamination to surroundings #DiseaseIsReal 

Let's have a recap about best practice….

Your gloves need to be suitable for the task: If you are doing services like lashes, nails or waxing brows, generally you do not need to have a medical grade glove.

However, you DO NEED A MEDICAL GRADE GLOVE for semi permanent makeup, microblading services and services where you are breaking the skin. 

Not sure what gloves you have? 

The box will generally tell you if the gloves inside are medical grade. This is what you’re looking for. You don’t want to be tattooing someones face, with gloves only suitable for making sandwiches :/

A lot of clients can be allergic to latex, so I always choose latex free gloves. I like medical grade Nitrile gloves. I also like them in black – like the colour of my heart : ) (NB the colour doesn’t matter!)

If your glove is too big and baggy, you are not going to get the best control, risk slipping and tearing. If your glove is too small you can be restricted in your movements, and again, risk tearing. Never double glove, as this increases the risk of tearing (it’s less safe!)

We are wearing gloves to protect us and our clients from substances. In semi permanent makeup where body fluids are ‘spilled’ this is blood borne pathogens..… what are blood borne pathogens??? …….. DISEASE, that’s what!

Wearing gloves is one part of the deal, the deal fails if we are not removing them correctly. 

Here’s a run down of how to do so…. 

Pinch and hold the outside of the glove near the wrist area.

Peel downwards, away from the wrist, turning the glove inside out.

Pull the glove away until it is removed from the hand and hold the inside-out glove with the gloved hand.

With your un-gloved hand, slide your finger/s under the wrist of the remaining glove, taking care not to touch the outside of the glove.

Again, peel downwards, away from the wrist, turning the glove inside out.

Continue to pull the glove down and over the inside-out glove being held in your gloved hand.

This will ensure that both gloves are inside out, one glove enveloped inside the other, with no contaminant on the bare hands.

Want something more visual? 

This DELIGHTFUL  lady in the purple tunic is going to show you how…..

Some HANDY Tips....  (do you like what I did there???) 

  •  DONT touch surfaces – pigments, measuring aids, door handles, your phone…nothing!!!
  • DONT touch your face, adjust your glasses, sweep back your hair, fringe or adjust your clothing.
  • DONT haphazardly remove one glove, and then contaminate your other hand removing the other glove!
  • DONT re-use gloves. Once removed always choose a new pair
  • DO take off gloves before touching “clean” items like pigments, etc – and replace with a clean pair once finished.
  • DO dispose of gloves with the rest of your contaminated waste.
  • DO Assume your clients have a tropical disease that they have failed to mention on their consultation forms….this will keep you on your guard!

What glove tips can you share?

Alice Kingdom

Everlasting Brows Educator – UK