Semi Permanent Lip Colour is becoming very popular, it is not a new trend but modern techniques make it far more natural looking.

Women are choosing this over traditional lipsticks and glosses to save time and to enhance their natural looks.

Lip colour or "tattoo" might sound intimidating, but these methods of treatment, are generally gentle, kind to lips and give great results, adding definition and the appearence of extra volume without fillers.

Numerous shades are available, which can be mixed and blended to creat just what you are after - All you have to do is to choose!




Before your lip treatment, we will undertake a consultation. We will talk about your skin, your medical history and what you would like to achieve from your session. This can be done over the phone, face to face or on the same day as your treatment.


To your comfort a local anaesthetic cream can be applied before commencing the lip colour procedure.


Once your chosen colour has been selected and mixed, we will begin the treatment. Some people even fall asleep during their session

Simple aftercare is explained, and you will be given information to take away.

You will likley have some puffiness immediately after your treatment - this is normal and to be expected.

Enjoy Your Results!! Your colour will settle over the days and weeks, and you can enjoy your results for around 2 years before a retouch is required to keep the colour looking fresh

Lip Colour FAQ

What is a Lip tattoo, Lip Blush or Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattooing is a great alternative to fillers or surgery. It can also be done in conjunction with these procedures! Many of our clients do both to maximize the effectiveness of lip enhancement treatments. Whether it is the lip design, shape or color you are interested in, Alice can help.

The methods use are soft and natural blending of pigment color into the lips. There is no harsh lines, just a soft color blushing. It will enhance the fullness of the lips. This is a multiple-step process done in a minimum of two sessions.

What are the benefits of permanent cosmetics for the lips?

  • Lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers
  • Restores color to lips that have become pale
  • Corrects Blurred lip lines
  • Camoflauges scars and hypopigmentation
  • Kiss-proof and smudge-proof colour
  • Make lips appear fuller and larger
  • May eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshaping lip borders
  • Saves time and money!

Will Lip colour hurt?

Of all permanent makeup procedures, the permanent lip enhancement procedure is the most sensitive. However we do numb your lips prior to and throughout the procedure with a highly effective topical anesthetic for your comfort.

What should I do before and after the procedure?

Pre and aftercare is very simple to follow and healing is easy - think dry lips, like in winter...but no thick scabbing or bleeding.

How do I prepare for the lip procedure?

As a necessary precaution, we require ALL of our Lip clients to take an anti-viral medication for a total of 5 days (2 days prior to procedure, 1 day-of, and 2 days post-procedure). Examples of antiviral medications: Zovirax, Famvir or Valtrex. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule! We can provide you with details of reputable UK pharmacies to obtain these from.

If I have had a lip filler injection already, am I still a candidate for lip colour?

A minimum of 6 weeks after filler is required before your lip colour appointment. It is recommended that you have the permanent lip enhancement first and then the lip filler injection once lips are healed. But this can be done the otherway around.

What color will be lips be?

You and your artist will discuss which colors suit you based on your natural lip color. Once your lips have healed, you may still enhance or change the color of your lips at anytime with conventional makeup. Your new lip tattoo is designed to act as a base, so it doesn’t mean you should throw out your lippy collection at all.

How will my lips look immediately after?

Your lips will look swollen and slightly larger than normal and look as though you may have had a slight lip filler injection. The degree of this varies from person to person. The pigment and lip color will look darker initially, like a bold lipstick. The size of your lips will shrink back to normal and the color will significantly fade up to 50% within the first 4 days. You will lose color on the inside of your lips first, the edges last.

Right after the procedure lips normally feel dry, chapped, tight and tender to the touch. Similar to how a sunburn feels.

How long is the healing process?

Expect moderate swelling up to three days following the procedure. Lip pigment color may fade up to 50% after the first few days. While healing you lip color will look a little patchy. This is due to oxidation of the pigment and the regeneration of the skin. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired lip results, 2 is usually required.

How long does Lip colour last?

Lips colour is a form of permanent cosmetic tattooing, but will fade over time. We recommend getting a touch up every 1-3 years.Please note that final results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your Enhancement Session and make any changes.

Lip Tatoo . Semi Permanent Colour

Pre-Treatment & Aftercare Advice

It is essential that you follow these instructions after your lip tattoo/semi permanent makeup session.  

Lips will be tender at first and may ooze a little lymph for a couple of days. 

Blot and reapply a thin aftercare balm often to keep them from drying out too much.

* After sleeping, a light crust may have formed, which you can gently remove. Loosen crust with water or balm, blot and reapply ointment. Kitchen roll or lint free tissue should be used to blot.

* Drink through a straw & choose foods you can eat with a fork without touching lips. Avoid citrus fruits, hot drinks etc.

* Do not stretch lips while they are healing with big smiles, or pucker lips with smoking. This creates tension. Lip skin is a continuation of the delicate mucous membrane in the mouth. It is not strong like normal skin.

* Around day three, lips stop oozing and can start peeling (imagine dry lips in winter)

* You may relieve the chapped lip feeling by lightly massaging the lips with aftercare balm on them using gentle circular motions with a finger. The massage helps get loose skin off that is ready to come off without yanking out skin that is not ready to come off. The massage relieves the chapped feeling for several hours, then it returns, and you can massage again. Other than this allow it to flake off on its own.

* Picking off skin prematurely will cause pigment loss and cause scarring. The edges or lip liner will be the last to fall off. Pulling this off will result in an uneven splotchy line or an indented scar.

* Try to keep toothpaste off lips while healing, and do not bleach teeth.

* During the peeling process it may look like there is not much color there. Color is more apparent by the second week. Final result is not judged for 2 months.

* If you begin having pain on the 3rd or 4th day after being pain-free, it is usually one of three things: 1) Infection, 2) Cold sore, or 3) Allergic contact dermatitis from aftercare balm. Please contact me asap should you think this applies to you.

* The chapped feeling subsides over a period of weeks. Certain lip balms create the problem. Do not use anything made for cold sores or blisters (carmex, blistex) because although they initially feel moisturizing, dry the lips out.