Monica Ivani is a brand of permanent makeup pigments created by Li Pigments. These pigments are specifically designed for use in cosmetic tattooing procedures, such as microblading, micro pigmentation, and other forms of semi-permanent makeup.

The Monica Ivani pigment series features a range of four colours that are formulated to be long-lasting and fade-resistant, with a high pigment load for maximum colour retention. They are also designed to be easy to work with, allowing for precise application and blending for natural-looking results.

This particular Li Pigment Signature range is named after Monica Ivani, a renowned permanent makeup artist and educator with years of experience in the PMU field. Monica Ivani pigments are manufactured by Li Pigments, an American-based company that has been producing high-quality cosmetic tattooing pigments since 1992. Everyone wants to know about permanent makeup London by  MONICA IVANI. 

They are available as a kit, with a small pigment guide, and also as separate pigment bottles. Absolute Brown and Faux Brown are the most popular from the range.

Overall, the Monica Ivani pigment series is a popular choice for cosmetic tattoo artists who are looking for high-quality, reliable pigments that can help them create beautiful, long-lasting results for their clients. you can check out monica Ivani pigments reviews on Body And Brows.

Monica Ivani by Li Pigments is inorganic and made from high-quality synthetic iron oxides.

They are pre-modified, meaning they do not generally need to have any warmth added to them, but you may consider using something like Li Pigments Grey Vanish or Li Pigments Ungrey to warm for certain skin types.

Some of the colours have a small amount of green in them to prevent them from healing too warm over time.

The EU Reach-compliant formulations of Monica Ivani / Li Pigments are slightly different from the original non-EU REACH pigments. They are considered high-bird, as they are a mixture of organic and inorganic components (due to some having a tiny amount of organic ingredients to ensure colour stability under the new EU Reach guidelines).

Colours in the Monica Ivani Pigment Range:

  • Electric Blonde – A lovely dark blonde colour. Really nice for fair-headed blondes, redheads or those with a little coolness in their natural tone. You can add a little Faux Brown or Absolute Brown to darken and enrich.

  • Faux Brown – Brilliant for brunettes with lighter hair and skin. Can also be used for darker blondes. Or for those with medium brown hair that want a lighter, more natural look. This can look a little warm when first on the skin but will heal cooler. Add some Absolute Brown to Dark Heart to darken and enrich.

  • Absolute Brown – A must-have for sure!!! A truly luscious mid-brown! This has a yellow and green base, making it neutral. A perfect shade for almost all medium or dark brunettes. It can be darkened with a smidge of Dark Heart.

  • Dark Heart – A rich, delicious dark brown shade with a black/brown base. The darkest in the pigment range. Fantastic for dark brunettes or clients with darker natural eyebrow hair. Can be lightened and warmed up with Electric Blonde or Faux Brown. It can be darkened still with a touch of Only from the Li Pigment Aqua Ranges.

To further darken, Li Onxy (just a little touch!) from the Li Range is perfect!

To warm up – when needing to add warmth, you can use Li Ungray or Grey Vanish from the Li Pigment ranges. To lighten or darken, you can use other colours from the Li ranges.

You will find results from this pigment range stunning!

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