How To Prepare Your Microblading Pencil Tutorial

"Using the right tools, and knowing how to prepare them, can help with creating a clear, crisp, pre-draw before microblading or semi permanent makeup treatments "

Alice X

I like to use a wax or compact mineral based pencil for marking my eyebrow pre-draw before microblading or semi permanent makeup.

The one I am using in the video, is one of my favorites it's the grey brown colour eyebrow pencil from Everlasting Brows

When I am training, microblading students often struggle with preparing their pencils. It can be really fiddly, and just like the rest of the makeup proceedure, it can take practice.

This type of pencil can be sharpened with a traditional pencil sharpener, but they often snag on the paper cover, and I don't actually find a "tip" ideal for drawing.

For me, having a flat, straight edge rather than a point, makes it much easier to create crisp, flat, straight lines on the skin to mark out my eyebrow .......


Eyebrow cosmetic tattoos thetford

It's easy to get a nice flat edge.... when you know how!

After you have unwrapped your microblading pre-draw pencil, you need to use your finger tip to provide support to the pencil tip while you sharpen. (I sharpen using a single sided blade like the ones in my video.)

Supporting the tip is key, as it will help you to balance the blade on the pencil, and makes it less likely that the tip will break whilst sharpening.

Eaaaaasssssssyyyy does it. Take your time. Take small, flat slithers, bit by bit.

Do not rush, if you try and take too much off then the tip is likely to break....and this is incredibly frustrating! Slithers should curl away smoothly from the pencil.

Microblading specialist thetford

I usually prepare my pencil while my microblading client is numbing, and getting the rest of my tray and tools ready.

If you struggle with your pre-draw, you can prepare a handful of pencils so that you don't have to spend time re-sharpening during the treatment. You can break these pencils into sections to make 'more'. This also means you can dispose of them after each use, or give them to your client as part of their aftercare package.

Pre-draw and shaping is something that gets easier with practise. Using the string and wax pencil method, mine takes around 10 minutes

If you'd like to know more about the training, and mentoring services that I offer please get in touch!

Alice X