Microblading or Machine Brows – Which is Best?

"Everyones skin is different, so we need to educate ourselves as artist about how to get the best results for each different skin type"

Alice X

  • Clients with oily, sensitive or easily irritated skin.
  • Clients with thin or crepey skin - due to age or the use of some skin care products containing retinol, or roaccutane.
  • Clients that have previously had semi permanent makeup or microbalding and have remaining colour

These are all groups of clients to which we need to pay a little more attention to their skin. Generally if they fall into one or all of these categories, then a machine or manual shaded brow is going to suit them better.

Hairstrokes generally heal a little cooler than machine work. More mature skin generally heals cooler than younger skin. Combine these two factors, and your end result is likely to be very cool. A soft shaded brow, using a warm based pigment, or a pigment with a dot of warm pigment modifier is a much better option. Using a larger configuration of needle rather than a microblade or a 1rl will also help the skin to heal with warmth.

Microblading whilst wonderful, is not a good corrective tool. There needs to be virtually no cloud left in the clients skin for microblading to be an option. Those with faded PMU or Microblading most often suit a machine or manual shaded brow, as I mention microblading is just not a good option for correction….ever.

Oily, or textured skins with large pores are not good candidates for hairstrokes. In simplified terms sebum (oils) created by the skin, pushes up through the dermis and epidermis, and as it does so it drags particles of pigment with it blurring it in the process. It is therefore very difficult to get a hair stroke to heal well, heal true to colour or hold well in this skin type

Those with good, dry skin can opt for virtually any technique. Those with compromised skin, should be guided towards a powered style.

After these factors have been taken into account, you can then look at the clients wishes for the “look” that they want to achieve.

Please feel free to download this useful guide to use with your clients.

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Alice X

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