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Things You Should Know About Perfect Lips & Lip Fillers

"The aim with Lip Fillers is to create an enhancement, duck lips, sausage lips, and trout pouts are not welcome here!"

Alice X

Many ladies seem to suffer with badly done or poorly placed Lip Fillers. It is this kind of treatment, where the filler treatment is overdone, that we see these sausage like, duck style lips that are totally unflattering.

Several things can cause this….

Using Poor Quality or cheap fillers

Cheap fillers are often very “hydrophillic” meaning they attract water. This makes lips and lip fillers appear very puffy, it’s a dated look, and not flattering at all. Some cheaper products are more likely to migrate (move outside of the lip) too. Speak to your practitioner about what brands they use and why… Monalisa, Juverderm, Restylane, Stylage, Tyosal, are all brands we love here…

Too much filler (too soon)

Wanting a fuller lip is fine, but if a lip is overfilled, then the filler will seek somewhere else to go….and that will be outside of your lip border. If you seek a well trained practiioner you should never fear the over filled look, as they will build up filler over time, in layers assuring the right look.

We want a minimum of 4 weeks in-between sessions. There is no rush…. This is your face…..

Using The Wrong Filler

Different fillers are intended to be used for different areas. The chin for example needs a much ‘harder’ filler than the lips do. Lip fillers should be soft and pliable. Using a filler that is too hard to do a lip augmentation, can have you looking like a cartoon character really fast!

Bad Technique

Too much mixed with bad technique can easily lead to badly placed filler. Even those that have years of experience can be using bad techniques and not respecting the lip borders.

Previous Filler Remaining

Fillers break down over time, but a lot don’t breakdown as expected. Often patients want their lips refilled too soon, and this can result in a bulgy look.

Injectors who just say “YES”

As long as you are willing to pay there will be injectors ready to take your money! You can rest assured I will never refill your lips if I don’t feel that it is in your best interest, or if your lips begin to look too big, or too fake…

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