Plasma Fibroblasting

Pre Treatment & Aftercare


Before Your Treatment

It is important that you arrive to your appointment without makeup on the area you are having treated - this ensures that the skin does not need deep cleansing, and ensures better numbing of the area.

If you are having areas treated around your eyes, lash extensions and strip lashes must be removed at least 24 hrs before - we can not treat you if you arrive with these. You must not be wearing mascara when you arrive.

If you are having your eyes treated, and wear contact lenses please bring your case and glasses with you as you can not wear contact lenses during the session, nor right after.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol for 24 hours before your session.

Your skin must be in good condition - not "actively tanned", sun burned, or suffering with another skin condition.


On The Day of Treatment

Plasma "silver" after care cream / gel which we supply you, can be applied as needed

The swelling and the carbon crusts are important for the rejuvenation process. Please do not apply cool packs or ice to the area. 


A ‘sunburn’ kind of sensation can be observed after the treatment; for a cooling effect the plasma after care cream can also be used directly from the refrigerator and on the eye (can initially sting a little at the beginning).


If you feel particularly aware of the treatment area, over the counter anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken.


Cleanse the area before you go to bed. Please follow the cleansing routine below.

Days After Treatment


Swelling is normal and to be expected. This is normally at its worst on day 3 after the treatment. (Especially the eyes, as this is a delicate area.)


Keeping well hydrated can help with swelling as can self administered facial lymphatic massage.


There may be occasional weeping, this is normal and part of the healing response.

It is very important that the treated area is always kept as dry as possible aside from when caring for it. 


You can specialist consealers (designed for medical use) sparingly, you must apply this with clean fingers or a new applicator. DO NOT APPLY USUAL MAKEUP TO THE AREA UNTIL ALL CRUSTS HAVE FALLEN AWAY 


Sleep with your head elevated, and change your pillowcase daily until the carbon crusts have fallen away.


Keep hands clean, and fingernails short. 


One Week After Treatment

After 5-10 days, usually earlier, the carbon crusts will dissolve. or fall away. Once the carbon crusts from the treated areas have sloughed away, you should continue to maintain use of aftercare gel. 


Once the crusts have sloughed away it is important in the next few days, weeks and months, that high SPF cream is used on the treated areas daily to prevent pigmentation and discolouring of the skin. 


As the area heals and dry’s, a light crust can form on the skin. Do not pick, and keep clean and dry


Always use sunscreen or sunblock SPF 50 as soon as you are outside, to avoid pigmentation.



Cleasing Routine 

1. Cleanse with lukewarm boiled water & lint-free cosmetic pad, dab, do not rub

(If using the camoflage cream, use a small amount of mild cleanser to remove this) 

2. Apply aftercare gel with a clean Q-Tip. It is important that all "plasma points" are adequately covered.

3. After day 3 or 4 you can start to use the moisturising cream provided.

Good to know



At first, it may be helpful to have a second head pillow when sleeping – sleeping position is advised to be more upright to help minimise swelling.

For hygiene reasons it is recommended to change your pillow case daily.

The swelling can last a number of days after treatment.

Please avoid thermal fluctuations in the first 4 weeks (ideally 8-12) Sauna / Solarium steam bath etc.

Please avoid sunbathing for the next 2 months.


A vitamin C supplement can help the skin to heal 

Please do not use self-tanning products for the pink spots. These will fade in time.

Pigment defects can only be caused by incorrect behaviour in the aftercare (for example, incorrect care products) or sunbathing. Any redness will fade away over time.



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