"How to reduce the OUCH with Plasma Treatments....."

Alice X

Gaining popularity and firmly earning themselves a rightful place in the world of skincare, enzyme peels are the milder, less expensive “little cousin” to chemical peels.

Made from fruit enzymes, these products, speed up the chemical reactions, that slough away, dry, dead, lack lustre skin cells - revealing softer skin.

I’m highlighting five of the many benefits you can expect to receive from an enzyme skin peel below…. feel free to share this with your clients.

Instant Results – Enzyme peels are not aggressive, they are gentle. Even so they are really good at shifting the dead skin cells that build up on the top layer of our skin. Immediately after a session you will see glowing skin - and all this without any downtime.

Get More From Your Skin Products – without that build up of dead skin cells, skin is smoother and softer in both feel and appearance. Getting rid of this build up means better absorption of products, and better coverage with makeup.

Reduced Inflammation – Skin that is prone to breakouts can greatly benefit from enzyme peels. The exfoliating action can help to minimise appearance of scars, and stimulate the healing of blemishes.

Fabulous Add On - to either prep or to follow a dermaplaning facial. Softening the stratum corner on those that may have closed comedones, and/or mopping up the “dust’ that’s left behind after the dermaplaning.

No Damage to Live Tissue – Enzymes, only target the dead cells. Because of this they don’t have the capacity to incurs living cells like chemical peels do, nor cause inflammation. They are suitable for almost everyone.

Enzyme peels can be added onto any of your treatments to enhance the exfoliation process. If your clients are ready for soft, smooth, and immediately rejuvenated skin, add this as an optional extra.

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