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Dermaplaning – Something for the Boys?

"Poor boys! - they often get left out of the skin party!

Dermaplaning is a great treatment for your male clientelle"

Alice X

Facials and dermaplaning are often seen as the jurisdiction for girls only, as we already know this is not so! Men love to take care of their skin just as much as women, even if traditionally they are not your core clientelle.


It’s become one of the most searched for treatments on the internet, and yields FANTASTIC results for your skin wheter you are a man or a woman.

Results driven facials offer a more masculine take on the assumed whale music and floral notes that many clients assume a facial consists of. Adding mens dermaplaning to your treatment menu is a great place to start.

Some of you may not have been educated on how a dermaplaning service differs for a man, so lets have a look......

Dermaplaning has many benefits - the two most popular being the exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin cells, and the sideffect of removal of our vellus hair (peach fuzz). Men tend not to worry so much about vellus hair! (ha) as their lower faces are covered with terminal beard hair. They may shave this away, wear it "au naturel" or give it a trim....

It's not reccomended to work over areas of coarser terminal hair, as it can dull the blade and increase the changes of snagging the skin. It can also be very uncomfortable. So how do we alter our treament for the more masculine half of our clientelle, wheter they wear a beard or not?

Read on....

Online Dermaplaning Training

My mens dermaplaning facial is very similar to my usual service, but there are some things that I change up.

I ask male clients how the usually like to wear their facial hair when they book their session. It doesn't matter what their preference is, but it can make a difference to how I conduct the treatment or any pretreatment advice I may give.

If their preference is clean shaven, then I ask them to shave as normal on the day of thie treament. Do be aware that this can make skin a little more sensitive for some clients, so treat during the session accordingly.

Prepare the skin as you would usually. Prepare your dermaplane, and place on your gloves if you haven't done so already.

When you start to do the dermaplaning, avoid the stubble and bearded areas, but complete the section of the skin otherwise as you would normally.

If you apply a mask during your treatments, then a hydro (if short stubble), or a gauze or sheet mask for longer hair are usually better options to stop the product getting caught up in the tresses.

Those with a full beard may enjoy a massage with some massage oil, or even with specialist beard oils. Be sure to massage the skin, rather than just move the beard around!

Warm mitts or cellulose sponges can be a better option than cotton pads, which can get stuck easily in stubble.

Extras like beard massage, shoulder massages, or hot towels are great additions.

Products with masculine fragrances like sandlewood, patchouli or lemongrass are popular with men.

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Alice X

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