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Dermaplaning Blade Choices Training

"Is yur Dermaplaning blade choice holding you abck from the best treatment ever? ...."

Alice X

Who was just trained using one type of blade? Who would like to know what the differences are? Who would like to improve their dermaplaning technique?

If you have put your hand in the air for any of these questions…. Then this article is for you!!

I use just one type of blade during my service, a good blade needs to be honed along the edge, and be sharp and strong. There should never be the need to change your blade during your treatment….they shouldn’t dull during service.

I use a Swann Morton number 10 blade…why? Because I’ve tried so many others and find these the best. They have a medium length straight edge, and a curved under belly. The number of the blade is just a reference number, all blades with the same number should be the same shape. These fit onto the number 3 scalpel handle (also I like mine from Swann Morton)

The 10R or the 14 seem to also be commonly used for dermaplaning. These can sometimes be called the “butter blade” because of the butter knife like shape at the end.

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I will be honest….I do not like the 10R or 14 blade. NOT. ONE. BIT.

I know plenty that do, but I feel that my service is comprised when I use this style of blade. In my opinion there is just no way that I can contour the nose, chin, top lip etc with these blades like I can with the curved from third of my beloved 10! Whats more they are usually much more expensive to purchase, even though they are made from the same materials in the same way.

If you would like to see how I detail with the number 10, please sign up for the free video tutorial.

In my online improvers course you will find lots of demonstrations like this, including 3 FULL demonstrations, all covering the nose, top lip and chin areas. PLUS LED treatments, and advanced exfoliation protocol!

I OFFER ONLINE ADVANCED DERMAPLANING TRAINING....for those qualified that are ready to learn MORE - EARLY BIRD PRICING just £89/$107

If you have any questions please let me know, and don’t forget to register for updates on my new tutorials!

If you'd like to know more about the virtual and in person training, and mentoring services that I offer please get in touch!

Alice X

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