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Contouring Noses – Dermaplaning Tutorials

"The NOSE is feared by many dermaplaning technitians....

It has become one of my FAVORITE areas to do....

I will show you how...."

Alice X

Sadly a lot of professionals aren't trained, or choose not to dermaplane the nose.

This is one of my FAVORITE areas to do. Often we have lots of congestion, and build up around the nose and chin, so for me they are key areas to be able to offer my clients during their dermaplaning session.

It's vital to have confidence and skill to contour during treatment, but the benefits are HUGE!

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In my online improvers course you will find lots of demonstrations like this, including 3 FULL demonstrations, all covering the nose, top lip and chin areas. PLUS LED treatments, and advanced exfoliation protocol!

I OFFER ONLINE ADVANCED DERMAPLANING TRAINING....for those qualified that are ready to learn MORE - EARLY BIRD PRICING just £89/$107

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Alice X

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