5 Things To Know Before You Choose Your Semi Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist

"I’m lucky enough to have clients travel from across the UK to see me. if you’d like to know how I measure up against this list, please get in touch for more information, a free consultation or to make a booking ​HERE."


Semi Permanent Makeup Artist thetford Microblading

Are you thinking of having semi permanent makeup or microblading done but not sure how to choose the right person for you?

In this vlog, I’ll be covering the things to look for, and the questions to ask!

Qualifications, training, cleanliness & results, all should play a part in your decision…So firstly …. 


You should find out when and where your artist qualified. All of us started somewhere, what you have to decide is the level of experience that you want your artist to have It’s a bit like going to a hair salon where you can have a junior or a senior stylist cut your hair.

All artists will all have different levels of experience and skill, and of course differing results. Ask about their experience so you know who is doing your service? You should ask how many sets of brows or services they do a week. You may be happy to choose someone who only does a few, or you may be looking for someone who does the service as the core of their business. But if you don’t ask you won’t know. 


All artists are not created equal….When looking for an artist, you should ask what kind of courses have they attended, and when was the last one? Ask what do they do to keep themselves knowledgeable and up to date with the latest techniques. Artists like myself dedicate a considerable amount of time to continuing education- so that we can get you the best results!Healed work, Most before and after pictures look good right after the treatment. That doesn’t always mean it will look great when it’s healed. Does the artist you are looking at post healed work? This is important. If their healed work is grey and blurry, you may be better seeking somewhere else. 


Do you like the style of work that they do? Are people happy with their results? You should choose someone who’s work you like, as each artist will have a style that’s slightly different.


It may surprise you to know- but a lot of training courses for semi permanent makeup artists don’t have adequate hygiene and blood bourne pathogen training. This is the knowledge an artist needs to follow through with to make sure their clinics remain disease free! Their pictures may look lovely – but disease is REAL!! Find out if your artist has had separate blood borne pathogen training? This will ensure they’ve done a adequate course to understand how to keep you safe from disease.

Your artist should be using fully disposable systems, or have a medical grade autoclave. There is nothing wrong with asking to see the systems that they use! 

I’m lucky enough to have clients travel from across the UK to see me. 

If you’d like to know how I measure up against this list, 

please get in touch for more information .