Can I Dermaplane At Home?

"Dermaplaning is MUCH more than a shave... let's have a look at why we shouldn't do it ourselves"

Alice X

Dermaplaning has taken the beauty industry by storm.

It’s become one of the most searched for treatments on the internet, and yields FANTASTIC results for your skin.


Dermaplaning has many benefits - the two most popular being the exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin cells, and the sideffect of removal of our vellus hair (peach fuzz).

Often as a professional we are asked why clients can’t simply achieve the same or similar results at home.

During this blog we will discuss why this is detrimental, and even extremely dangerous for anyone to undertake at home, and provide you with the tools to be able to educate your clients.

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Can I Shave at Home?

This in theory, is similar to dermaplaning. However, shaving done at home will usually be done with a tool which isn’t fit for the purpose of dermaplaning.

Home dermaplaning kits, brow razors, plastic handled ‘dermplaning tools”, a razor designed for body shaving (your legs or your husbands razor!) often has a safety guard.

All these tools will be inferior in sharpness to the dermaplaning tools used by a professional. The other tools I mention are also going to be dull in nature. Often kits are unsterile and

They MAY remove some of the peach fuzz, but will not do this as effectively as dermaplaning, which can lead to ingrown hairs and irritation. You also miss out on the MAIN benefit of dermaplaning, which is the exfoliation of the dead skin.

Professionals know how to treat skin conditions without risking making them worse. Professionals use medical grade, sterile, single use scalpels purchased from ethical sources. Professionals know how, and how often to treat the skin.

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Why can’t I just use a scalpel?

Firstly, and this is very very important….NEVER EVER TAKE A SCALPEL TO YOUR OWN FACE.

This is something that professionals are taught in their own training. A dermaplaning scalpel needs to be one of a few particular types (there are 100’s of types of scalpels). It also needs to be held at a particular angle.

This is for safety and for effectiveness of treatment. Doing this yourself, in a mirror (where you see yourself backwards!) Is just not going to end well.

Even if you do manage to complete a treatment without grazing or cutting your skin, you will not have achieved the exfoliation that a professional can when using the right kind of skin stretch, and stroking action that is used during a treatment.

This exfoliation is what gives the super super smooth result, increases skin cell turnover and increases the absorption of skin care products.

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