Brow Mapping Tutorial – Microblading & Semi Permanent Eyebrows Brows

"Like many things in life, the better your preparation, the better the results, so a

good pre-draw

template before microblading or semi permanent makeup begins is essential."

Alice X

I use the string method. I always have…. Except that it was SO confusing when I first started doing it.

My brain just saw a whole load of lines! I will walk you through how I map, and at the bottom of the page you can see some mapping that was recorded live during one of my Everlasting Brows Microblading training sessions. As a group we have already spent time mapping each other and on dummy heads x

The one I am using in the video, is one of my favorites it's the black colour eyebrow pencil from Everlasting Brows


Microblading Online Tutorials Webinar Suffolk Norfolk Training
Microblading Online Tutorials Webinar Suffolk Norfolk Training

We need a clean canvas. Before you do anything you need to clean the skin. Clean the whole forehead and the eyelids to remove makeup, grease etc, so your skin is clean. We will be touching all of this area as we work so it’s important to remove residues and clean all of it.

Then we mark the centre of the face. I look at what I call the “root” of the nose, between the brows. Using this area will give you the most balance, as sometimes eyes themselves are no aligned, noses can be crooked and so on - Mark a good clear definite line here, it is the line from which all other lines will eventually rely on!

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Alice X