Lifting That Lasts

Up To 2 Years

Rediscover Your Youthful Glow with PLLA Liquid Bio Armouring!


Welcome to our PLLA Bio Armouring treatment, the secret to achieving a more youthful, lifted, and radiant look without the need for invasive surgery or invasive threads. PLLA Bio Armouring is often known as "Liquid Threads," let's explore the key differences between this innovative treatment and traditional PDO thread & cog Lifts.

Using Hyperdiluted Radiesse® or Neavia Organic Stimulator® HA filler plus contains stimulators such as PLLA (Polylactic acid) CaHa (hydroxyapatite of calcium), PLC Polycaprolactone), these act to plump, lift and create hydration that can last upto 2 years!

Thread Lifts have long been a popular way of lifting facial skin. However, a newer and less invasive option called PLLA Bio Armouring, often referred to as "Liquid Threads," has emerged in the beauty community. Unlike traditional Thread Lifts, PLLA Bio Armouring involves no physical threads. Instead, it utilizes fine amounts of liquid placed just under the skin to provide support and stimulate collagen production.

Key Differences:

  • Invasiveness: One of the main distinctions between Thread Lifts and PLLA Bio Armouring is their level of invasiveness. Thread Lifts often require local anesthesia injections and can lead to some discomfort. Clients may need a day or two for recovery, and bruising and swelling can be common. In contrast, PLLA Bio Armouring uses a numbing cream for client comfort, resulting in a more comfortable experience that's often compared to getting anti-wrinkle treatments, with minimal swelling and bruising.

  • Immediate Results: With the PLLA Bio Armouring technique, clients can see the beginning of their results immediately after the appointment, which improve in the following weeks. The skin becomes more hydrated and much plumper in comparison with Thread Lifts, where clients often have to wait several months before noticing results of a similar level.

  • Treatment Duration: PLLA Bio Armouring needs just one session, and can be repeated after 12-24 months. PLLA provokes the body's collagen production in the long term, resulting in a lifted transformation.

Why Choose PLLA Liquid Threads?

  • Long-lasting results (1-2 years)
  • Physical lifting results
  • Collagen and elastin boost: stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  • Immediate results with continued improvement and minimal downtime
  • No physical "threads" or "cogs" in the skin

PLLA Bio Armouring offers lifting and natural-looking enhancement that restores your skin's youthful vitality. Fine amounts of the PLLA Solution are applied under the skin using a cannula for minor trauma and maximum comfort.

These fine amounts of "liquid thread" stimulate your body's natural collagen production for long-lasting improvements in skin texture and firmness. Experience an instant lift with ongoing improvements as your skin regains its strength and elasticity over 1-3 months after your session, which can last up to 2 years.


Experience the transformation you've been dreaming of and embrace the beauty of aging gracefully. Schedule your appointment now and rediscover your timeless allure with PLLA Liquid Threads.

Ready to turn back the hands of time? Book your appointment today and embark on a journey to a more youthful, confident you.






Before your bio armouring/PLLA threads session, we will undertake a consultation. We will talk about your skin, your medical history and what you would like to achieve from your session. This can be done over the phone, face to face or on the same day as your treatment.

For your comfort a local anaesthetic cream can be applied before commencing the liquid facelift procedure.

Small amounts, of fine PLLA liquid, known as "threads" will be injected using a very very fine cannula, this increases comfort and makes the treatment safer.

Simple aftercare is explained, and you will be given information to take away.

You will likley have some puffiness immediately after your treatment - this is normal and to be expected.

Enjoy Your Results!! Your PLLA threads will settle over the days and weeks, and you can enjoy your results for 12-24 months


What are PLLA threads?

PLLA threads are a non-surgical treatment designed to lift and rejuvenate the skin. They are made from Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a biocompatible material, and are used to stimulate collagen production while providing a subtle lift. There is no physical thread, instead the fine liquid applied under the skin is a stimulator of collagen an elastin, adding hydration and volume as it works!

How does Bio Skin Armouring work?

Fine amounts of PLLA liquid or "threads" of liquid are inserted under the skin through a minimally invasive procedure. Once added to the skin, they promote collagen production, which helps improve skin elasticity and firmness. This process results in a natural, youthful appearance.

What areas of the body can be treated with Bio armouring/PLLA threads?

PLLA threads are commonly used to treat the face and neck, offering a non-surgical facelift or neck lift. They can also be used on other areas where skin tightening and rejuvenation are desired. It can also be used on the hands and body.

Popular areas are the lower and mid face to create lift and volume.

How long do the effects of Bio armouring/PLLA threads last?

The effects can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on individual factors and the specific product used. Regular maintenance treatments may be recommended to prolong the results.

Is the procedure painful?

Discomfort during the procedure can be managed with local anesthesia or numbing creams. It is delivered just under the surface of the skin, and some tuggin sensations can be felt, but this is usually well tolerated. Some mild soreness, swelling, and bruising may occur after the treatment, but this is usually very mild.

What is the recovery time after a Bio armouring/PLLA threads?

Recovery is minimal, and most individuals can return to their daily activities immediately or shortly after the procedure. Swelling and bruising, is usually very minimal, and if present, typically subsides within a few days.

Who is a good candidate for Bio armouring/PLLA threads?

Most people are good candidates. Individuals experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity, wrinkles, and loss of facial volume are typically good candidates. A consultation with a qualified practitioner can help determine if PLLA threads are suitable for your specific concerns.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with Bio armouring/PLLA threads?

While side effects are generally mild and temporary, they can include redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection sites. Serious complications are rare when the procedure is performed by a skilled professional.

Can I combine Bio armouring/PLLA threads with other aesthetic treatments?

Depending on your goals and suitability, PLLA threads can be combined with other treatments like dermal fillers, Botox, or laser therapy to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation. We suggest waiting two weeks until you have filler or vice versa to the same area.

How can I find a qualified practitioner for Bio armouring/PLLA threads last in my area?

It's important to seek out licensed and experienced medical professionals or practitioners who specialize in aesthetic procedures. Research online reviews, ask for recommendations, and schedule a consultation to ensure you choose a reputable provider.

Bio armouring/PLLA threads

Pre-Treatment & Aftercare Advice

Pre-Treatment Advice - What To Do, & What To Avoid, Before Your Bio Armouring Treatment

In order to reduce the amount of bruising and/or swelling from the injection sites, please follow the instructions below.

Avoid blood thinning over-the-counter medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and Aleve for 1 week prior. Please consult your GP if you are taking Aspirin for medical reasons! 

Avoid supplements including St. Johns Wort, ginko biloba, primrose oil, garlic, ginseng, and Vitamin E for 1 week, Omega 3 oils

Avoid topical products such as Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinols, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, or any prescribed "Anti-Aging" products for 3 days prior

Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or hair removal cream on the area to be treated for 3 days prior

Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to treatment

Day of Treatment

Ideally, arrive with a "clean face" - washed and without makeup. 

In order to maximize your comfort during the procedure, a topical anesthetic cream will be applied.

Within the First Hour of Treatment

Immediately after the treatment, there may be redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness, and/or itching near the injection site. Avoid itching , massaging, or touching the injection site. This is normal and generally disappears within a few hours to a few days.

If these symptoms last more than 3 days, please contact me. 

You may take painkillers to reduce any pain as necessary

Within 6 to 10 Hours of Treatment

Avoid drinking alcohol or partaking in strenuous exercise, as it may result in additional bruising. 

Until the swelling and redness have resolved, avoid intense heat in the treated area(s). This includes sunbathing, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, or hot wax. Also avoid extreme cold such as skiing or other winter sports. 

To help alleviate bruising, we recommend the topical application of Arnica - a natural ointment commonly used to reduce bruising. You can find this in the natural foods section of your grocery store, or at local pharmacies.

Minimize movement of the treated area(s).


Sunscreen and makeup can be applied, and the area can be gently washed with a gentle cleanser.

Additional PLLA Threads, Liquid Lift Aftercare Recommendations

For most patients, the benefits of dermal fillers can be enhanced by using a medical-grade skincare system, such as Alumier MD. Products containing Vitamin-C can strengthen the skin and improve laxity and texture. Personal recommendations can be suggested for you.

Swelling and bruising are a normal and expected part of the process, but are usually very minimal and mild

Please Contact Us Immediately if You Experience:

Fever and/or chills

If the area appears red, hot to the touch, and "angry" looking. 

Severe or increasing pain

Discoloured blotches in areas not injected or blanching of injected areas