100 x Permanent Makeup/Microblading Pigment Ring Cups/Lash Glue Cups


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100 PCS disposable glue rings caps, the cup diameter is 14 mm/0.55 inches.

The glue ring diameter is adjustable, giving a perfect fit for your fingers, which make it very convenient to use and help that the ink or glue will spill out.

The glue rings can be used to hold pigment, ink , lash glue remover and lash primer during the application of eyelash extensions and tattoo applications. Great product for makeup, nail art, tattoo, etc.

Just put the ring on your less dominant hand, then dispense a drop into the well. Disposable for quick use, no mess to clean up.

Eco-friendly material, the rings are made of firm and durable recycled plastic.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3.5 cm